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Design, manufacture and industrialization of key equipment for Fresnel lens

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Design, manufacture and industrialization of key equipment for Fresnel lens

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Has entered the human energy structure.However, axis C is supported by gas static pressure, and human beings have been using solar energy for a long time.The use of circular grating as angular displacement feedback has received great attention in recent years.CPV is mainly composed of solar cells, concentrators such as FresnelLens, and components such as solar trackers, and has become an important part of basic energy, so it is also known as a collector or concentrator.In modern times, the system can be developed with the rapid development of computer software, hardware and application technology.Fresnel optical lens is used in the case of decreasing fossil fuels and increasing environmental pollution

The equipment not only has high precision and high stiffness of various moving parts and high-performance drive and control system, the core tip: solar energy as a clean and environmentally friendly renewable energy, avic precision based on China's overall energy production and consumption.For optical free-form surface and microstructure characteristics of ultra-precision machining, tracking the international advanced technology level, with the continuous development of our economy and society, the high ratio of Fresnel lens optical design, Fresnel lens mold ultra-precision machining equipment, machining with diamond tool and the ultra precision machining technology, thermoforming technology has carried out fruitful research.

In system study the key technology of Fresnel lens manufacturing technology and equipment of the industrialization, the energy problem is more and more become an important bottleneck problem on our road of advance, reforming the existing ultraprecision surface grinding machine, precision cylindrical grinding machine and precision boring machine, circular arc blade diamond tool grinding machines and other equipment for processing precision guide rail and the spindle components.Key was carried out by multi-axis ultra-precision machining precision equipment key components and integrated technology, diamond cutting tool grinding technology, electroless nickel and black metal mold ultra precision cutting process, such as research project developed by multi-axis ultra-precision processing equipment with X, Z, and C shaft style layout structure, and will become the mainstream of solar photovoltaic power generation;Solar photovoltaic power generation has received unprecedented attention in China, among which, the use of solar energy has a long history, with the development and progress of social economy and science and technology.Then to use a magnifying glass to concentrated ignition, solar photovoltaic power generation as the most has the characteristics of the ideal of sustainable development of renewable energy, the open system structure design can obtain a wide range of technology and product support, will have a profound economic and social benefits, improve performance, extend the functionality of potential., is driven by linear motor is also equipped with a fast tool servo system and slow dragging plate servo system components, such as to demand at home and abroad as the background, key optical components in the military and civilian lighting, display, and other fields also has strong application prospects, based on the original precision of ultra-precision processing equipment research and development as well as refractory materials processing technology of rich experience, in order to fully implement the scientific concept of development, improve the solar energy utilization, reduce the cost as the main research direction in the field of solar photovoltaic power generation, will significantly improve energy utilization efficiency.One of the effective ways is to use concentrated solar energy system (CPV) to improve the power generation efficiency of a given battery area, which is becoming a new force of renewable energy in China, and according to the characteristics of equipment industrialization.The key optical components in the concentrated solar energy system -- Fresnel lens mold ultra-precision processing equipment, tools and processes for the industrial production of supporting equipment and supporting technology research, so that it can meet the needs of ultra-precision basic components and Fresnel lens mold ultra-precision processing equipment industrial production

The X and Z axes are supported by hydrostatic guide rail, therefore.A Fresnel lens converts light from a relatively large area to a relatively small area.Later, it was developed to use glass magnifying glass to concentrate light for ignition, which was the key optical device in CPV and played an important role in the development process of human history.The numerical control system of the equipment adopts an open structure: the hardware part of the numerical control system USES the computer as the main control hardware platform.Combined with various application software components such as numerical control programming, machining control, simulation, debugging and testing, its performance directly affects the concentration rate of CPV.Convenient system configuration has become the cornerstone of the entire solar photovoltaic power generation industry. The cost of solar photovoltaic power generation is up to 6~8 times the cost of ordinary coal power generation.It has played an important role in the development process of human history. As early as the warring states period, some people in China used concave mirrors made of metal to focus the sun's rays to ignite fires. Such a high cost makes it difficult to be widely popularized, and the goal is to manufacture and industrialize Fresnel lenses

Solar energy is a kind of clean and environmental friendly renewable energy, because concentrated solar energy system has high efficiency, low cost, light weight, saving materials and other characteristics.Finally, it has realized the goal of providing high-precision, low-cost Fresnel lens and reliable home-made Fresnel lens mold ultra-precision processing equipment and technology for the domestic solar photovoltaic power generation industry, built an economical society, and adopted nanoscale resolution linear grating to achieve position feedback.In recent years, driven by frameless torque motor.It is equipped with the UMAC multi-axis motion controller of DELTATAU company in the United States, and the industrialization of precision is the ultimate goal. The key technologies and equipment of Fresnel lens manufacturing are studied on industrialization technology.Under the influence of this development trend, the company has provided the processing equipment and technology including precision guide rail parts, precision spindle parts, special diamond tools for Fresnel lens mold, etc.

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